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Now's the Time to Bring Back the Brooch!

Posted on July 04 2017

Brooches are trendingBrooches are trending! Why a brooch is the unexpected accessory you need now, from Olivia Buxton Smith at the Telegraph; 'Whether you're wondering if you can recycle your slightly tired black blazer for the office Christmas party, looking for unique stocking fillers, or simply searching for interesting ways to accessorize; the brooch, and its cooler cousin, the pin, might be just the answer you're after. ''Brooches and pins are part of the growing trend for personalisation'', Dominic Jones, Creative Director of Astley Clarke, tells The Telegraph. Not only to they bring originality and newness to you go-to pieces, but they also look chic and have the ability to add a touch of eccentricity to your look.'

Read the full article here; via @telefashion

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