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A Most Perfectly Serendipitous Engagement Ring Find.

Posted on August 17 2017

Vintage engagement ringThe model for our recent shoot was a friend we hadn't seen for a couple of years. After a few text exchanges we arranged for a fairly impromptu meet up. She arrived, unbeknownst to us, allergic to cats. Panic ensued as we tried to herd them into a separate room (no mean feat!). Turbo outfit changes. Flustered bags of jewellery. Pins, tags, prosecco, giggles. During the evening, she mentions she's been looking for an engagement ring as her longtime boyfriend proposed to her in Paris, with a ring which just wasn't her. She wanted something ethical, recycled, something fine. Something which had a story to tell. Nearing the end of the shoot, we get her to try on a trio of rings which we'd grouped together for an engagement/wedding/eternity ring scene. Her eyes light up as she puts on the daintiest of three stone rings. A few more poses and chats about antique jewellery later, she asks to look at the three stone again. Her hands shake with excitement. "I think this could be it..." she says. "It fits all the criteria. Old cut diamonds, reset into a platinum 1920's mount. It's lived a lifetime (or two!)" Take it home, try it on, show your partner. It was love at first sight. It now adorns her hand permanently.  

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