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Charismatic Sparkle! Vintage Diamond Cocktail Ring


A giddily twinklesome concoction! Circa 1950's/60's this eye-catchingly beautiful cocktail ring has interestingly been re-crafted from older parts. Perfectly lovely, the Platinum set scalloped Diamondy shape would have had an earlier life in the 1920's, and amazingly, that itself is set with even older glimmery hand cut Diamonds which date in faceting style to the mid 19th century. We just LOVE all this history and the richness it endows. The central quartet of gems are plump and cushiony shaped whilst the Diamonds set to the frame are cut in the old 'Rose' style, both adorably individual and each gem having it's own personality.  

A fabulous piece which is entirely hand crafted, the newer custom gallery is in 18ct yellow gold and the ring size is an 'L' or '5.5'. It is a simple matter for us to alter the size to suit the lucky new owner, just leave a message on your order form. The cluster measures 20mm by 13mm.