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OTT Splendorous Edwardian Marquise Diamond Cluster Ring


This is not a casual ring! It most certainly is a 'notice me!' kind of ring. With a big glittery shout for attention, it sends magical rainbows of outrageously sparkly light at every movement of the hand. 

Dating to the turn of the 20th century, this diverting Edwardian beauty is a ring to adore and treasure, as a future family heirloom. If you are lucky enough to be able to re-home this ring, you'll know that you have a one-off, handmade jewel, the like of which just aren't made nowadays. Each and every aspect is crafted by hand and has the touch of human judgement and care upon it. From the initial cutting of the old Diamonds (each to their unique crystalline shape) to the conception of the design and the exercising of wonderfully skilled craftsmanship in it's creation. All is pristine, with that precious star quality which so entrances the eye, perfect for a centre finger as it's length flatters the hand so delightfully. Sensitively shaped, the pretty under gallery touches the finger so gently and with a kind of familiarity which will create new memories. 

The Diamond weight is tricky to measure without actually unsetting the stones and weighing them, but we can safely say it is approaching 2 carats combined weight. The centre old hand cut Diamond measures at around 0.60ct and has the most diverting pale blue hue in which is particularly noticeable in bright sunlight. The navette shaped panel measures 2cm by 1cm and is neatly grain set in fine Platinum with a variety of chunky hand cut gems. The band is of soft 18ct yellow gold and the ring size is a 'P' or '7.5' but we could alter for free. 

Please note there is a small chip to the centre stone.