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Grand Victorian Diamond and Emerald Snake Ring


Amiably admirable, this antique Victorian snakey is quite the charmer! Although a marvellously extravagant gesture as a pinky ring, he can be sized to fit whichever digit you like for free. Nicely heavy in warm 18ct yellow gold, the soft patina of age is comforting to feel, and his wide smile gives a friendly reassurance. The antique hand cut Diamonds which cover his head are a mixture of older 18th century stones (note particularly the centre stone with the big table) and 19th century early brilliants, all giving a shower of glitter as the hand turns (this ring is all handmade and would have been made to order hence the mix of gemstones used). The Emerald too is hand cut and exudes a bright zestfulness at his crown adding further personality to this characterful piece. 

The ring size is a 'K' at present.