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Superior Antique Austro-Hungarian Renaissance Revival Pendant


Ostentatiously regal, in the Renaissance Revival style which was highly fashionable in mid 19th century Austro-Hungaria under the thrall of the Habsburg Dynasty. Inspired by jewellery worn in Renaissance paintings, artisans created jewels such as this pendant. In high carat gilded Silver and ornamented with eight Emeralds and nine pink Garnets accented with wired Natural Pearls, it is hand fabricated and extravagantly decorated even to the reverse with wonderful scroll work, in fact this piece is an enchanting fantasy of elaboration! One could wear it as a pendant high on the neck for maximum impact or as a brooch, maybe centrepiece on a dress as it has a pin clasp too. However it is worn, it will always elicit compliments and admiring glances. 

With a 'P' mark on the pin that enables us to date this piece to Pest 'Budapest' 1867-72, this majestic antique pendant has an incredible presence. Measures 4cm by 3.5cm across. The beautiful bronze hued pure silk gauze ribbon is included as is a valuation certificate for insurance purposes.