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A Coveted Antique Diamond Rosette Cluster Ring

#07569 (ON HOLD)

An impressive array of twinklesome old hand cut Diamonds cluster together in a romantic floral motif representing love. So unforgettably beautiful, this antique Edwardian era engagement ring would have been a powerful expression of fondness and much treasured. Each of the fiery old Victorian gems would have been shaped according to the fashion at the time, in the antique brilliant style, each stone reflecting the natural beauty of the Diamond crystal wonderfully. 

The old Diamonds are held by a setting of platinum upon a a sweet leafesque band of gentle 18ct yellow gold, and all is blissfully inspired by nature. 

We have judged the combined Diamond weight as approximately 1.20ct. The ring size at present is a 'T', but could easily be adjusted to fit in our workshop. The flower 'head' measures 1cm across.