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A Late Victorian Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring


A romantic memory from the late Victorian era, the floral tribute that expresses love is a timeless ideal. The nine enchanting old hand cut Diamonds have the most enchantingly glinty twinkle which reflect their unique beauty so warmly as the sunlight kisses upon each facet. See their wonderful hand faceting in our 20x magnified photographs, each gem has it's own personality and quirky features. Circa 1890, a style which was much beloved at the time, this old love would make a superb engagement or anniversary ring. The rosette of Diamonds is clasped in Platinum and mounted on a carved and gently tapered 18ct yellow Gold band. The ring size is an 'L' or '5.5' but this can be altered to suit for free. Just leave a note on your order form. The head measures 1cm across.