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A Magnificent Vintage Opal & Diamond Ring


Spectacular on the hand, a superb quality Crystal Opal and hand cut Diamond dress ring. Elegantly shaped in a long oval which flatters the hand beautifully, the central Crystal Opal cabochon is alive with rainbow magic with strong pinky red flashes overlaying green and blue and framed by sixteen much older recycled hand cut Diamonds (which in cutting style date to the mid 19th century) with characteristic chunky cushion shapes and a twinkly demeanour. The combined Diamond weight we estimate to be around a carat. In 18ct yellow Gold with a fine scalloped gallery to the under bezel and clawed setting Diamonds, all is carefully hand made. We're not sure of the date, but in the Edwardian style, it likely dates to the first half of the 20th century. 

The ring size is an 'N' or '6.5' but adjustment to suit is possible in our workshop and we do so for free.