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A Romantic 'Toi et Moi' Diamond Engagement Ring


An alluring delight: two twinkly old hand cut Diamonds in an elegant crossover design of Platinum gradually fading down the shoulders into 18ct yellow Gold. In France, where this crossover design originated, they are known as 'Toi et Moi', and symbolises two souls clasped in a fond embrace. So romantic, and ideal as an engagement ring! The quirky hand faceted gems are older than the ring, having been re-used at the time of it's creation, a factor which is a reassuring plus if you're concerned about environmental issues when choosing your special ring. Circa 1930's/40's this ring is currently sized at a 'K' or US '5.25', and can be easily altered, you've only to leave us a message on your order form.

The weight of the stones is judged at 0.30ct.