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An Absolutely Awesome Antique Aquamarine Ring

Item #0446


A rare and understatedly beautiful antique Aquamarine solitaire dress ring. It's cool colour reflecting the gentle dappled loveliness of the sea on a calm day; the charming antique cutting of the facets and it's appealing plumpness all combine to irresistible effect. Circa 1920's, it is set in an 18ct yellow gold slim custom made mount which is entirely hand crafted and has a sympathetic fluted design to the underbezel. Untreated stones of this size and age are rare to find as Aquamarines did not become popular to wear in jewellery until the turn of the 19th century.

This stone is estimated at eight carats, and measures 14mm x 12mm and so is a real 'specimen' piece. 

The finger size is 'N/6.5/13/53', and we can adjust a little either way. 

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