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An Adorable Antique Georgian Paste Memorial Lace Pin

Item #041M


Two centuries old and still in super condition, this is an antique Georgian brooch with immense charm! The chunky little squarey shaped hand-faceted pastes have the characteristic 'black dot' painted to the back to give them the appearance of Diamonds which at the time were cut with a visible culet (an extra facet at the base of the stone which would appear black to the eye when looking into the stone). The warmly coloured centrepiece is a foiled 'Citrine' coloured paste or Rock Crystal. Circa 1780's, the silver setting on this precious pretty has a super burnished grey patina, and the reverse is engraved in remembrance of 'ALW'. 

Measures 1.8cm x 1.5cm. All in original condition and a nice piece to add to any collection of antique jewellery.

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