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An Antique Sapphire and Diamond 'Toi et Moi' Ring


Circa 1920's, this fine beauty is entirely crafted by hand; each and every facet of the twinkly gemstones has been cut by hand, with antique brilliant cutting to the deep blue Sapphire, star-like old Diamond and Rose Cuts which embellish the shoulders. This style of crossover design which began to be popular in the 1920's became known as 'Toi et Moi', the stones representing to beings held in a glittery embrace.  

The metal is rich yellow gold and it has an unusual '900' stamp which equates to 21.6ct Gold and from the style of the stamp we believe it to have been made in the Far East for the European market. There is a fine platinum setting to the shoulders and this has been ornamented with 'milgrain' detailing to add a crisp edge.  We can size to fit for free, it is a 'Q' or US '8.5' at the moment.