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An Antique Tiffany Style Diamond Engagement Ring


An antique lovely in the style made popular by Charles Louis Tiffany who 'invented' this coronet style of setting in 1886 which was designed to show off the Diamond to it's best and sparkliest effect by allowing light to carry through from the sides and back of the setting. This example is crafted in a gently mellow 18ct yellow Gold with a fine Platinum crown to the captivatingly glittersome old hand cut Diamond. Just perfect! The Diamond, all plump perfection shows the personality of the hand facetting with chunky surfaces and a distinctive culet, all wonderfully proportioned to display the scintillation to best. 

The charming old hand cut Diamond measures at least 0.50ct (on a Schindler gauge) and the ring size is an 'N' or '7' but this can easily be altered.