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Antique and Unique Silver Coin Bracelet, Circa 1880's


A beloved coin bracelet from the Victorian era, once the property of a young lady. Charm bracelets such as these were very popular in the latter Victorian era and this example sees three silver coins on a simple silver bangle. The coins are from different countries; 50 Bani from Romania dated 1885 which is engraved 'Mamma', 50 Centesimi from Italy dated 1863 engraved 'Dad' and a silver sixpence with an older Queen Victoria head, dating to 1887/1892 engraved 'Madge'. One could speculate that perhaps Madge (short for Margaret) was the daughter of a Romanian mother and an Italian father, who born in England. This captivating piece of personal historical jewellery would, of course, be an ideal present for any young lady called Madge! The diameter of the bangle is 5.6cm, which is small, and was probably originally made for a child.