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Antique Diamond, Emerald & Demantoid Garnet Necklace/Brooch


Eternally beautiful, a majestic antique jewel in the Rococo fashion dating to the Victorian era (around the 1870's) and a very fanciful creation indeed. As worn in fancy ballrooms of the fashionable cities this handmade jewel is based around an older late Georgian era floral Emerald and old hand cut Diamond centrepiece, and the whole has been designed in a delightful naturalistic style to flatter the natural beauty of the wearer. The setting all of Silver which had developed a charming darkened patina of age in which the bright highlights and Diamonds twinkle and shimmer as the lights catch, the trembling pendants so pretty!

The rare bright green Demantoid Garnets were immensely desired and very expensive at the time (they'd been discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia in 1868), and their display is a counterpoint to the sparkle of the Diamonds which are recycled hand cuts dating to earlier times. This grand jewel can be worn as a focus to a special dress or on the lapel and attached to a chain makes a striking necklace and a wonderful jewel to hand down as an heirloom. Measures 4.5cm across the widest part either way, and is backed by a 9ct Gold brooch fitting with safety clasp.  

(Chain in pics 4 & 7 not included.)