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Antique Georgian Dendritic Agate and Flat-cut Garnet Pansy Cluster Ring

Item #3239


Beautiful, warm autumnal tones permeate the air around this charming and rare little survivor from the 1820's. In the style of a six petalled flower, following in the tradition of the time the motif of a pansy is a sweet sentiment as it represents 'thoughts' from the French 'pense', meaning 'think of me' or 'i think of you'. The centre is a hexagon shaped Dendritic Agate, which is surrounded by six flat-cut Almandine Garnets and then a further edging of deep green pastes. 

As to the the archaeology of this adorable piece, the ring has been fitted with a newer 9ct gold band and bezel sometime we would think in the 1920's/30's, and there are a couple of small holes in the original 18ct yellow gold sealed back underbezel where the old band would have fitted. This is an old ring and there is rubbing and a couple of chips to the pastes, (see the magnified photographs) but they are so tiny in themselves that the whole has become the gorgeous patina of the piece itself. It's not a ring for all day wear, but a rare one to cherish nonetheless. 

The head of the Pansy measures 14mm across. The ring size is 'O/7/15/55'. 

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