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Antique Georgian Foiled Paste & Silver Earrings


These beauties were likely once buttons or maybe hairpins, a resplendently sparkly facet of a Georgian gentlewoman's dress. In their original Georgian handmade 'cut down' Silver settings, each one of these glittery sensations was faceted by hand with individuality and flair as these 'gems' were very valued for their beauty at the time..... an effusion of dazzling dancing joy!

During the mid 20th century they have been converted to clip earrings by the addition of Silver fittings. Each measures 17mm across and they are light and lovely upon the ear. It is possible for us to convert these to pierced fittings if required, just contact us to speak about how you would like them to sit. There are a number of chips to the stones, commensurate with their age but these don't interfere in any way with their glitter.