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Joyous Sparkle! Antique Hand Cut Diamond Ring


A sleek and restrained design, this antique beauty glitters fascinatingly upon the hand! A lovely choice as an engagement or anniversary ring, this piece will sit neatly next to a band, the five plump old twinklers set in a fine Platinum bridge, each of the Diamonds is an older hand cut which has been recycled in the making of this ring, so it's third time around for these sparkly old gems! Just look at their profile from the side to see their high pavilions, charming features to lift the heart which you just don't see in modern Diamonds. With no marks inside the band as a clue, we have to judge this piece as dating to the 1920's or so. With slim Platinum shoulders reaching the slender 18ct yellow Gold band, all is very neat and completely in tune with the Edwardian aesthetic. 

We judge the stones to measure 0.10ct; 0.20ct; 0.35ct; 0.20ct; 0.10ct ( a combined total of 0.95ct). The ring size is a 'Q' or '8' but could be altered somewhat to fit its new owner.