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Antique Intaglio Boar and Scythe Seal Ring

# 71555

A noble antique Intaglio ring with a wonderfully historic air! This is one to keep, cherish and hand down in the family.... Entirely hand made and with mounted with a Bloodstone seal hand carved with the intaglio image of a wild Boar with a scythe, perhaps the crest of a family or college, the Boar or 'Sanglier' in French traditionally represents a fiercely combative energy. The whole in richly coloured 18ct yellow Gold with further detailing in the hand engraved classical Acanthus shoulders, all is very pleasing and feels familiar on the hand.   

The ring size is a 'P' or '7.5' but could be altered a wee bit to suit. The face of the ring measures 9mm by 11mm. We will include an Insurance Valuation with this piece. 

If you’d like to pay in instalments, it is possible to arrange a layaway for this piece, read our terms here.