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Antique Natural Seed Pearl Necklace


A marvellous (in the literal sense of the word!) antique early Victorian necklace of natural saltwater 'seed' Pearls. So called because of their miniature size, these smallest of Sea Pearls are graduated in size from 1mm to 3mm and have naturally formed in Pinctada genus Oysters most likely in the Gulf of Mannar in present day Sri Lanka where they would have been collected from hand dived shells. It's existence speaks of an age when time could be taken to carefully drill each miniscule Pearl (historically this was an Indian craft and was done with a hand operated bow drill) and painstakingly sort them by size to create this minute specimen. 

Almost 200 years old, this charming necklace would perhaps have been a gift for a wedding or birthday and it would be the loveliest continuation for it to be worn again. Measuring 18 inches, we have had this little beauty expertly re-threaded by our very clever re-stringer (this task took five hours!) and each tiny bead is individually knotted on strong Silk thread, fastening with a teeny antique Gold clasp.