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Decadent Classical Antique Victorian Bacchante Cameo Pendant

Item #5186


If you're a lover of fine wines, as this charming lady is, this is the perfect antique cameo pendant for it's fine carving depicts Bacchante, the female devotee of Bacchus the god of wine. Her hair decorated with vine leaves and grape clusters, she's ready to party! Circa 1870's, and set in 9ct rosy coloured gold, the whole piece measures 1.5 inches from the top of the bale, the cameo itself just over an inch. This is such a beautiful classical theme and a wonderful statement piece for the collector. Carved from cassis tuberosa, the Helmet Shell which is found in the West Indies and is now a protected species.

The chain is not included in this purchase, but can be purchased separately. Item #5140.

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