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Antique Victorian Floral Love Token Sapphire & Pearl Ring


Achingly charming, this antique Victorian Ring tells a romantic story. The gift of a flower has always been one symbolising love and devotion, and rings such as this, so full of meaning, were a potent token of esteem which the recipient could carry with them always (or hide away to keep their secret love just that). This pretty concotion dates to the latter 19th century and centres around a perfect and very bright old hand cut cushiony shaped Sapphire (likely from one of the old mines which are now exhausted) framed by lustrous Seed Pearl petals, all in an 18ct yellow Gold galleried setting which adds to the floral theme, and with the lovely scrolled shoulders so characteristic of the time.  

The ring size is an 'M' or '6.25' but could be altered to suit in our workshop.