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Blissful Art Deco Diamond Panel Ring


An effusion of fab early Art Deco beauty, this antique Diamond cluster ring has its origins on the Continent shown by the Hungarian marks inside the band (a Fox used to indicate 580 Gold between 1922-1937). 

A really lovely, harmonious and distinctive design on the hand, this handmade ring is set with charming olden hand cut Diamonds with a twinkling captivation the kind of which you'll never find in new jewellery. The intricate but softly curving shapes are created in Platinum on 14ct yellow Gold and the whole is thoughtfully shaped to lie flat with a smooth setting retaining gentle milgraining. 

The ring size is a 'P' or '7.5' but easy to alter to suit, just leave a message on your order form. The cluster measures 9mm by 13mm.