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Astounding 3 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Trilogy Ring


A mouth-wateringly marvellous vintage Diamond trilogy engagement ring ready to steal her heart! Said to symbolise the past, present and future of love, we don't need to be convinced on this one! The glittersome olden cushion cut Diamonds date to the Georgian era and have been recycled in making this ring (so third time around for them). We've not unset the stones to weigh them but confidently measure them at 3 carats combined, each of them plump and deep as the old cuts are with large facets and the distinctive culet to the centre back, each gem having a unique and interesting personality borne of the natural shape and hand faceting by the skilled artisan two hundred years ago. Their glimmer trembles as water caught by passing light, and their beauty was fully appreciated by the craftsperson who made this custom mount in fine Platinum with small and neat detailing to the underbezel and shoulders, all light and lovely but strong too as Platinum is a very resistant metal to work with. Closely shaped to the finger, all is very thoughtfully constructed to shew these awesome antique Diamonds to their best. There are some small natural inclusions as is to be expected with stones of this age... look closely at the photographs, but all in all very lovely. 

We will provide an Insurance Valuation Certificate with this piece. The ring size is an 'L or '6' but could be altered to suit.