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Circa 1870's Victorian Diamond Engagement Ring


A beauteous, one of a kind, elaborately decorative antique Diamond cluster ring. Really unusual, a precious and unforgettable cluster of superb quality old hand cut cushion shaped Diamonds, each like a trembling droplet of crystalline water as the light passes over each facet. These would likely originally have started life in an older jewel and have been recycled in the making of this ring. 

The Diamonds measure at around 0.70ct the two outer gems over 0.25ct, and each of them faceted in the old fashioned brilliant style, showing the distinctive plump belly and culet, aspects of these old cut which are just so interesting and charming. Capturing the heavily detailed fashions of the time, the mount of 18ct yellow Gold is opulent in it's scrolled fanciness, with exquisite enchantment to each view.

A scarce find, this lovely ring would make a coveted anniversary or engagement ring, to keep in your family and treasure as an heirloom. The ring size is a 'K' or '5' but could easily be adjusted to suit it's new owner quite easily in our workshop. 

If you would like to pay for this piece in instalments, you will find our Layaway Terms here.