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Classic 18ct Gold Intaglio Boar's Head Signet Ring


Perfectly balanced upon the hand, this vintage 18ct yellow Gold signet ring is hand carved with a Boar's head, couped* clasping three arrows... 

*couped /kuːpt
  1. cut off or truncated in a straight line.

A symbolism which is seen in centuries of heraldry, we have found this particular crest listed in our copy of Fairbairn's Crests of the Families of Great Britain and Ireland: Plate 8 Crest 14 for the family of Cathery or Scott, with the motto {”Do well, and let them say”}. Smoothly tactile, this ring feels warmly familiar on the hand. It measures at a size 'O' or '7' but could possibly be adjusted to suit. Fully hallmarked in 1961 in Birmingham. Weight 5.72 grams.