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Classic Cushion Shaped Emerald and Diamond Cluster Ring


A vintage beauty alive with sparkly feeling, which would make a marvellous engagement or anniversary ring. Circa 1950's, the familiar cushiony shape of the setting allows a wonderful show to the gemstones and is curved to the finger so sits with a pleasing neatness. 

Surrounded by fourteen brilliant-cut Diamonds (estimated at 0.40ct), the central emerald-cut Emerald is a pale minty green, it has excellent translucency and interestingly, one can see the classic natural crystal inclusions of Emerald (scroll over pics for 20x magnification). It neatly set in yellow claws which add a beautiful warmth amid the cool white of the setting to the Diamonds. 

For scale, the head of the ring measures 12mm square. The finger size can be adjusted for free, it is an 'M and a half' or US '6.5' at present.