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Darling Vintage Diamond Trilogy Engagement Ring


Likely an American piece as they are the great crafters of this style of pretty hand engraved delicacies, a finely fashioned vintage Diamond trilogy ring dating to the early 20th century. Three twinkly stars sparkle across the finger, each unique,  brightly clean and white, each under close inspection with a 10x magnification loupe, slightly different and cut in a different style; the centre the oldest... a 0.25ct early 19th century old cushion-shaped hand cut Diamond and to each side a 0.16ct old 'European' cut and a 0.16ct Modern brilliant cut. So interesting to see the history of Diamond cutting within one ring and know that these three beauties have been recycled and are an ethically sound choice. The hand made mount is lacily lovely, showing intricate details to the underbezel and leafy tendrils hand engraved to the inner shoulders, all in 18ct White Gold, the fashionable new alloy at the time. 

The ring size is an 'O' or '7' but could easily be altered to suit.