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Date 1872 15ct Gold Bloodstone Signet Ring


In the classical style, this finely crafted Victorian signet ring a fabulously historic appeal. A gentle oval of 'blood' speckled Bloodstone, known as Heliotrope in ancient times (which could be carved with a crest or family insignia) it is a variety of Jasper with red Haematite inclusions and is considered to be a healing stone. The style harks back to Romanesque jewellery which was much in vogue at the time as interest in ancient finds had woven it's inspiration into the arts. In fabulous quality 15ct gold which has a rich bright yellow hue, the build quite slender and so would perhaps best suit a woman's hand or pinky on a gentleman.

The panel measures 12mm by 10mm and the ring size is a 'P' or US '7.5', but could be altered quite easily.