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Sought After Date 1872 Emerald & Diamond Ring


In the 'Gypsy' style which was at the height of fashion at the time, this immensely lovely unisex band style ring is set with quite the loveliest colour Emerald we've seen in quite a while! The feature gem is a fabulous Emerald likely from the old Muzo mines in Columbia, as the purity and luminously verdant hue of this Emerald is top quality. The two old hand faceted early brilliant Diamonds were recycled in the making of this ring as they date in cutting style to the previous century, and they stand proud of the band, their chunky, high facets catch the light fascinatingly at each turn of the hand, enchanting the eye and captivating the heart. 

A smoothly tapered and nicely weighted band of rich 18ct yellow Gold, familiar on the hand, the whole being loved and worn to a fine patina the ring size is a 'Q' or '8' but we may be able to alter to suit. 

Please note: The Emerald does have a chip and abrasions from wear on the lengthways sides (which is visible under magnification but scarcely noticeable with the naked eye) and we have priced it accordingly. Each Diamond measures at around 0.20ct judged in the mount.