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Dear Love! Antique Emerald & Diamond Cluster Ring


A happy find, this late Victorian jewel captures all that is precious to the romantic heart! In the shape of a flower, expressing love, the gems all old hand cut beauties with uniqueness and personality (the central Diamond dates in cutting style to the 18th century and is a little sparkly marvel, surrounded by six rose cut Diamonds and four bright Columbian Emeralds). The whole is hand crafted in 18ct yellow Gold and is warm and comfortable on the hand with a curious familiarity, the ring size is an 'M' or '6' but we can adjust the size a little to suit. It's free, so just leave us a message on your order form. Under 10x magnification there are some abrasions to the Emeralds, commensurate with their age as Emeralds are a slightly softer gemstone, so make sure you have a look at our magnified photographs.