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Dizzying 1.20ct All Original Vintage Diamond Cluster Ring


Absolutely adorable! Exhuberantly glittery, in perfectly wonderful condition and delightfully individual, a vintage cluster ring dating to the mid 20th century. All hand made, with a platinum setting upon an 18ct yellow gold band, it would be most appreciatively received (we're sure!) as an anniversary or engagement ring. 

The quality of these old Diamonds is sensational! Old European cuts dating to the 1890's (which would have been recycled at the time of this ring's making), so beautifully clean and white, each with it's own charmingly unique arrangement of facets dictated to some extent by the shape of the natural crystal and also to the hand of the cutter.

The setting is fine and smooth making this romantic little floret of Diamonds easy to wear and the ring size can be altered in our workshop for free. It is a 'P' or US '7.5' as is.