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Dreamy Cushion-cut Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

Item #0789


With a touchingly familiar presence, this adorable antique Diamond solitaire engagement ring has a gently aged patina to the gold which is warm and rosy. The stone itself is an antique hand-cut brilliant in a cushiony shape which just zings with scintillating personality! Each Diamond of this type is an individual, having it's own charming quirks in terms of shape and faceting, just look at the images on zoom to see!

Circa 1900, the whole is gently simple in design, yet so wonderfully powerful as the Diamond sits in it's little coronet of platinum and radiates beautifully all around. The estimated weight measured with a gauge is 0.40ct. 

We can adjust the size to fit quite easily for free. Presently a size 'K/5'. 

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