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An Especially Lovely Vintage Emerald & Diamond Trilogy Ring


All in 18ct white gold, giving a crisp and clean mood, this mid 20th century trilogy ring has a really impactful presence. Nicely shaped to fit the finger, two effervescently bright brilliant cut Diamonds, (each weighing 0.35ct) perch either side of the square cut gorgeously verdant Colombian Emerald to create a mesmerising display of colour and sparkle.

Raised a little from the finger, the coronet mount is reassuringly substantial and also neatly constructed meaning it will sit comfortably next to a wedding band if desired. The ring size can be adjusted a little to suit, as is it is an 'M' or US '6 and a quarter'. 

The Emerald has a few tiny age related scuffs to the top facet so please look at the fourth photograph (which magnifes to 20x), also to enjoy the quality of the Diamonds.