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Esteemed Antique Early Victorian Enamelled Locket Mourning Ring

Item #0796


Tender with meaning, which celebrates love in the face of loss, this early Victorian mourning brooch is beautifully so preserved, having come from an era in which being 'in mourning' had a more recognised status in society, and one could display this carrying one's loss (and hence love) more visibly. A safe place to hold memories tight. 

The inscription 'RSW' is carved to the reverse of the locket compartment which is held between the tenderly carved ornamental shoulders then further decorated with sweetly hand pierced ferns (symbolising sincerity) applied either side. All is in rosey coloured gold and the rock crystal covered compartment currently holds a braided section of hair. The ring size an 'M/6 and a quarter', can be adjusted if necessary.  

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