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Exceptional Vintage Hand Cut Diamond Rosette Cluster Ring


A romantic proposition indeed! This star quality vintage flower cluster engagement ring has Diamonds of the most dazzling beauty!! Pretty and symbolic too, as the gift of a flower is known to represent loving thoughts it is modelled as a six petalled flower, and each of the lovely old Diamonds to the border is hand cut in the old European style which matches symmetry to an understanding of the way in which light is reflected most scintillatingly through the Diamond. The central gem sits within a star shaped collet and is an older Victorian era hand cut stone with a pleasing plumpness and a gorgeous roll of glitter, all together quite a display! The setting to the flower is of Platinum and the band of 18ct yellow Gold. 

Nice and chunky, the combined weight of the stones measure to around 0.80ct.  We can adjust the ring size to suit, we do so for free in our workshop. Currently it is an 'R' or US '8.5'.