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Fabulosa Antique Baroque Revival 18ct Gold Filigree Coral Ring


Dating to around the 1850's, a tour de force in the art of gold filigree work, this exquisite little carved Coral ring is a precious piece of elevated beauty. Inspired by the Baroque Revival in the decorative arts at this period, the artisan jeweller has created a work of sculptural art which has wonders to enjoy from every view. The hand carved floral panel of natural peachy Coral would have come from the seas around Italy, and we believe the workmanship to be Continental too. Entirely worked by hand with the greatest skill, the whole of the ring is pierced with the finest of saws in flourishes and Acanthus leaf scrolls of Rococo opulence to create an open basket which then has been further embellished with hand engraving the the shoulders and under bezel. Oh my!!!  

In tested 18ct yellow gold (with no marks), we may be able to adjust the sizing to suit. It is an 'L' or US '6' as is.