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Fine Etruscan Revivalist Hardstone Cameo Locket


A very fine Victorian Etruscan Revival locket pendant mounted with a lovely quality hand carved hardstone Cameo in the ancient style. Really quite wonderful and with a truly historical air! A special piece, nicely preserved and one which is worthy of becoming an heirloom again. Crafted in 15ct yellow Gold (used in the UK between 1854-1932) with a soft frosted bloom, it has hand applied wirework detailing and a locket back. The Cameo is high relief and captures the face of an Etruscan maiden, perhaps a Goddess, draped in traditional robes. Of Black and White Banded Onyx, the artist has utilised the layers to stunning effect, the design standing out from the background beautifully. This kind of work was a speciality of the artisans in Rome and pieces such as this were oft purchased on the Grand Tour, read our BLOG article here.  

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For the photos we have paired it with a 20 inch antique snake chain in high carat..... which can be bought separately.