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A Scarce Find! Georgian Cannetille Emerald Dress Ring


A precious and rare Georgian jewel! Circa 1820's and entirely hand crafted in the fashionable historic Cannetille style, a beauty of extraordinary intricacy. Three pale green Emeralds (which would have been rare at the time are) are set amongst an ornate framework spun of fine coiled 15ct gold highlighted by the tiniest spheres. The highest values of workmanship have fashioned this darling ring. A piece for a collector, it is a delicate piece, and tho' having survived two centuries, you must remember that the lady to whom this old ring first belonged likely did no chores, didn't visit the gym and did little more energetic than fine embroidery and practice at the piano. 

The ring size can't be adjusted, it's an 'L' or '5 and three quarters' as is.