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Classic 1940's Art Deco Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring


Archetypal Art Deco, this favoured beauty is all you would ever want in an engagement ring. A scintillating wonder on the hand, this piece is designed to entrance! The central gem is an antique 'old European cut' Diamond which measures at around 0.50ct and is a most lovely white and very glittersome. The stepped sections to the shoulders shimmer with small hand cut Diamonds, both rose-cuts and eight-cuts in squared settings which add to the overall Art Deco design. All of strong Platinum with a smooth setting, this beauty is practical too and easy to wear with no parts to catch. The ring size is easy to adjust, but as is it measures a 'Q' or US '8'. There is just above the distinctive 'culet' a carbon inclusion which can be seen with the naked eye, but not at all detrimental to the continued enjoyment of this vintage charm. Please inspect our magnified photographs to see, it is viewable in the second picture.