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Fresh as a Daisy Emerald & Diamond Cluster Ring


Perfectly capturing the spirit of Spring awakening, this divine floral cluster of Emerald and Brilliant-cut Diamonds really spoke to our hearts! A contemporary piece crafted in the Edwardian style, with neatness and precision to every aspect, all in rich 18ct yellow Gold with fine details such as the scalloped underbezel imitating the sepals of the bloom, all so touching. The gems themselves are of superior quality; the Emerald a wonderfully verdant Green with the characteristic natural 'jardin' inclusions which make each gem unique, and the modern brilliant-cut Diamonds bright and fiery... very white. 

The diamonds measure a total carat weight of 0.40ct, the Emerald measures approximately 1.09ct  

The beautifully reeded shank measures an 'N' or '6.5' but we could alter to suit, just leave us a message on your order form. The blossom measures 11mm across.