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Late Georgian Sepia Navette Pendant/Brooch


A touching delicate hand painted image of a mourning woman whi holds a heart in her hand, beside a memorial urn. An evocative image capturing yearning and loss. Pieces such as this were worn as a way to keep a loved one close and treasure their spirit within a tangible jewel, and this piece also has small pieces of hair worked into the background but has not been personalised; sometimes in similar pieces you will see a phrase or dedication on the pillar plaque. Set in a 18ct Gold frame, this beautiful antique jewel can today be worn as a pendant or a brooch. 

There is damage to this piece, wherein with age the painting become worn and been repaired but really just commensurate with two centuries of life. Also there are small scratches to the glassed compartment. Measures 3.5cm in length.