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Glorious Starburst Vintage Edwardian Diamond Cluster Ring


A harmonious shape on the hand, a constellation all a-glitter with rounded old hand-cut diamonds. Finely milgrained in platinum on an 18ct yellow gold gallery and tapered band, 

The ten old hand cut Diamonds each have their own personality, both in terms of cut and quality. Some are slightly greyer than others, a couple have chips, but such is often the way with these older pieces which were made from 'mellee' stones. However, the fine setting quality and style of this antique beauty bring the whole together in a gently fond refinement which flatters the hand nicely. Roll over the 20x magnified photographs to see the the condition. The cluster face of the ring measures 14mm by 11mm. 

The ring size is easy to adjust for free, it is currently an 'N' or US '7'.