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A Heavenly Antique Diamond Engagement Ring


Dating to the early years of the 20th century, and entirely hand made this enchanting old Diamond ring is in the five stone half hoop design which was so beloved at the time. The five shimmery older hand cut Diamonds were recycled at the time of this ring's making as they date in cutting style to the earlier 19th century, and each is unique is shape and faceting, reflecting the gems natural crystalline shaping. Beautiful! Finely crafted in 18ct yellow Gold with delicate touches of hand engraving to the shoulders, this piece has a romantic appeal as an engagement ring which also has the benefit of being an ethical choice. 

The ring size is an 'L' or '5.5' and could possibly be altered a wee bit for fit, simply leave us a message on your order form. The Diamond weight is difficult to judge without unsetting the stones, but we estimate around 0.45ct.