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High Quality Georgian Fob, BLACK Family Crest


A superb quality antique seal fob dating to the latter Georgian era, a time when such items were enormously fashionable for both men and women, used to seal the wax on letters and notes with a family crest or motto. 

The crest hand carved to this russetty Carnelian appears to relate to the BLACK family but is slightly unusual in that an Owl (representing prudence and wisdom) sits atop the shield. Their motto "non crux, sed lux" engraved to the banner translates as "not the cross but its light". A fabulous find! Skilled carving work such as this is expensive to undertake nowadays and it is a scarce artisan who could undertake this type of fine work. Mounted in a handsome 18ct yellow Gold fitting, the whole measures an inch tall with the seal measuring 1.5cm lengthwise.