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Incredible Antique Tortoiseshell Pique Earrings

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Exquisitely elaborate, an outstanding pair of antique Victorian Pique Tortoiseshell earrings. A fantastic look on the ear, these gorgeous earrings express the spirit of exoticism so fashionable at the time. Entirely hand crafted, Pique consists of minute sections of Gold and Silver painstakingly cut into small designs and pressed into the carved shape of the Tortoiseshell where the detailed designs can be seen beautifully contrasted against the dark background of the shell. Due to the intricacy of the patterns, these earrings are likely to be an earlier example of the craft, circa 1860. 

These earrings have some damage in an old break to the hanging section of one ear. The repair is good and not evident from the front view. Other than that they are in very good preservation considering their age. They measure 5.5cm from the top of the Silver ear wires.