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Incredible Deepest Blue Antique Lapis Lazuli Bead Necklace


We believe that these beautiful hand carved Lapis Lazuli beads date to the Georgian era. Prized since ancient times for the intensity of it's colour, Lapis Lazuli is still found in the old mines of Afghanistan and under magnification you can see the tiny Pyrite specks along with Calcite traces which are characteristic of this gorgeous gem. Carved as they have been for hundreds of years, these loveliest of beads graduate in size from 3mm to 5mm in size and are gently variegated in shape to show off their natural splendour. Wear alongside a gold chain to create a wonderful historic look. 

They came to us in a rather tired state and we have had them rethreaded, cleverly knotted with the teeniest knot to secure each bead. A single strand measuring 50cm (19 inches) it fastens with an old 9ct gold bolt ring fastener (unfortunately not the original clasp).