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Loveliest Vintage Aquamarine and Diamond Cluster Ring

Item #07292


A tempting trinket dating to the mid 20th century; a gently shaped Aquamarine and Diamond cluster ring with a sparkling and captivating presence. This pale sea blue Beryl is the perfect shade to capture the enchantment of the elements and framed by ten glittery Diamonds the whole has a delightfully feminine aura. The Diamonds themselves are all brilliant-cut and quite the liveliest stones you could hope for; beautifully white and clean, mounted in a gallery of platinum upon 18ct yellow gold. Perfect as an engagement or anniversary ring, sure to capture the heart!

The slim 18ct yellow gold band is sized at an 'M' or US '6 and a quarter' but we could adjust if required for free. For scale, the cluster measures 10mm by 13mm. The combined Diamond weight is estimated at around 0.45ct. 

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