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De Luxe Vintage 1.06ct Art Deco Diamond Cluster Ring

Item #07315


An extravagant Art Deco beauty! The absolute epitome of splendour, so elegantly shaped to gently flatter the hand and please the eye. An octagon cluster of 24 mesmerising small eight cut Diamonds around the centrepiece; the fantastic meteor shower of sparkly beauty, a brilliant-cut Diamond which weighs 1.06ct. All is in 18ct white gold, the prettily scalloped underbezel so shaped so that the whole ring sits low and close to the finger meaning that for a larger stone it is neatly comfortable, having pleasing views from every angle. Dating to the mid 20th century, this is a late Deco piece and uncommonly lovely as original pieces such as these are scarce to find. 

 The ring size can be adjusted quite easily, and for free in our workshop. Currently a 'K' or US '5 and a quarter'. The centre stone we would judge (in the setting) to be a 'K' colour and 'Pique' quality, this can be judged in our photographs on 20x zoom. The surrounding Diamonds are subtly whiter than the centre making for a stunning display. 

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